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Do you need to develop anger management skills for personal growth and/or to enhance your relationships or marriage?

Are you mandated to take an anger

management program by a court, employer or school?


These classes will teach you to manage your anger effectively through research-based skills such as assertiveness, problem-solving, stress management, empathy, conflict resolution and forgiveness.

We provide letters of enrollment and certificates of completion for individuals required to attend the groups or sessions.

Anger Management Classes, services, concepts, models and principles are based on the “What’s Good About Anger? books and workbooks - which includes teachings from the behavioral sciences, spiritual traditions, emotional intelligence and anger management research.

What are the goals

of our programs?

To demonstrate that anger is a force that can be put to use for good when people apply healthy strategies, changing self-talk and thinking. To teach individuals to reduce levels of anger in provoking situations and to apply effective coping behaviors which halt escalation and resolve conflicts.

Our programs and resources teach  people how to achieve their personal and relational goals through the following skills:

 What kinds of programs do we offer?

We offer groups and individual anger

management services with our certified anger management specialists. Through our anger management groups, evaluations and coaching sessions – we assess anger issues/needs, coping skills and teach empirically based skills: relaxation, behavioral and cognitive strategies - incorporating emotional intelligence areas of development.

About the instructor

Doug Wells is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Anger Management Specialist—II, a fellow member of the National Association of Anger Management. He has been teaching Anger Management Skill for over 4 years

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   You will learn anger and stress management skills, how to replace inappropriate and unacceptable behavior (rudeness, hostility, yelling, outbursts,

put-downs, insults, etc.), conflict management and empathy skills.