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At Psych Fit we make working with us easy and convenient in every way. That’s why we are always available to meet with you in person or through secure online video conferencing. Whether you live in Texas, across the United States, or even internationally we are here for you.

Invest in yourself, and in your life. You are worth it.

If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be,

then there is room for a bit of life coaching.

Why struggle on your own when you can get what you want out of life

in a fraction of the time with the structure, support, and tools

of a skilled life coach?

Anyone in any walk of life can hire a life coach

for almost anything they want to improve upon in their lives.

A great life coach is priceless

Having a supportive partner to motivate you, challenge you, and help you become your very best self is invaluable.

People who hire a life coach tend to be people that want:

Life coaches can help you in any area of your life:

 Work-life balance

 Health and fitness

 Spirituality

 Work performance

 Career goals

 Procrastination & productivity

 Getting motivated

 Prioritization

 Hobbies

 Educational goals

 Dating and sex

 Divorce


 And so much more!

The list of things life coaches can help you with is pretty much endless.

Most Popular Life Coaching Areas

       Achieving your goals

       Happiness

       Finding your purpose

       Doing what you love

       Career

       Confidence

       Relationship/love

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What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. They help you to get out of your head and start taking action in the areas of your life that you wish to change. A life coach guides you through the process by asking questions that help you evaluate and decide which steps to take in order to reach your goal or make an important change. Then they play the important roles of motivator, strategist and accountability partner. Their goal is to help you reach your goal in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible. Life coaches are more than just a counselor or consultant, they step you through the achievement process from the beginning to the end, from the planning stage all the way through the execution stages.

A life coach is a source of motivation and inspiration that gives you the push you need to reach your full potential.

Effective strategizing is something a life coach is really good at helping you with.

         A life coach is someone who will keep you accountable for reaching your goals and making positive          changes.

How does life coaching differ from therapy?

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaches don’t work on past-based issues or traumas. Life coaches are not psychologists or psychotherapists. However, a psychotherapist is a life coach. If you start life coaching, and have not resolved an issue from the past, then it is very likely we will refer to work with a therapist to resolve the issue. It is very common for unresolved traumas or addictions to stop us from getting what we want in our lives. Life coaches focus on the present and the client’s goals for the future. We help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life and career they really want. Most coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of a coach to do so.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

Identifying your goals is one of the hardest things you do when you’re trying to make a change and get started on something new.

A life coach helps you to accomplish your goals, make new changes, and live your dreams.

A life coach helps you to move your life forward and to find meaning, fulfillment, success, well-being and happiness.

A life coach is someone who is separate from your personal life and can truly look at your ideas and goals objectively, and therefore they are much more capable of giving you the right validation that you need to get started on making your big move.

One of the best things that life coaches do is to equip you with methods and tactics that will help you make the right decisions for yourself and your future.

Who works with a Life Coach?

Entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, actors, musicians, creative people, managers, small business owners, start-ups, professionals and home-makers all reach their goals with the help of a life coach. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, there is room for life coaching. Not only will your life coach help you close the gap, your life coach will help you break through your limiting beliefs and challenge you to think bigger.

People hire a life coach because

It’s as simple as that. Life coaches help a client get all three, Quickly

Simply put, the people who hire life coaches are people that want more.

They are people that desire growth in their personal or professional lives (possibly both),

and they want that growth to come faster or easier.

Why would people who are already successful hire a life coach?

People have managed just fine in the past without a life coach. So in one sense nobody really needs a life coach, but many people want one! One of the reasons there is a growing demand for life coaching is the complexity of modern day life. Things aren't as simple as they were in the past. And, whereas your parents might have been happy to have a job that paid the bills, most people today want a job that is personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. They want to find work that is in line with their core values and is an expression of who they are. Never before in history has mankind had such an incredible opportunity for self-expression through one's work. If you aren't doing what you love to do, even if you are successful, you would benefit from some coaching.

What would you work on with a life coach?

Why does life coaching work?

Life coaching works for several reasons:

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life Coaching Plan

After we have had our Discovery session and you have decided to proceed with life coaching, we will go through some steps in order to work together to make a plan for your personalized coaching. It may feel things are low to get started, because you may not see real change right away. That is OK, we will start the process by gathering information, setting goals and making plans. Once we have this road map, we will get started on our journey together, you will begin to see the progress, and it will gain momentum as we go.

Step 1 – Assessment – Weekly meetings

The first step is to figure out who you are, find out what your strengths are, what our values are, learn about your personality and what vision you have for yourself. Clarifying these things will help us as you define the specific goals you have for your life.

We will spend time identifying the strengths that will help you in your life. As well as the barriers holding you back from achieving the things you want to do.

Once you have identified where you want to go, the things holding you back and the strengths you poses, you have the tools to make a plan that will be successful. During this step, we will clarify you goals and build a plan or road map to direct you as you work towards you goals.

Step 2 – Taking Action – Meeting every other week

Once we have built your action plan, we will begin working towards your goals. At each coaching session, you will report on your progress and any action steps you were responsible for. Together we will create strategic assignments and action steps for you to work on between sessions. Your coach is your accountability partner, to help motivate you and keep you moving forward towards your goal.

Step 3 – Integration – Monthly meetings

As we travel down this journey together, the power to achieve your goals will slowly be shifted to you. You will learn to become your own coach, thereby needing less and less help from us. You will be able to achieve your goals on your own, because you will have the skills to do so.

Step 4 – Maintaining your goals – Quarterly meetings

Once they have met their goals, most people continue with life coaching on a quarterly basis, as a “check-in”. This gives them the opportunity to continue the forward momentum and to continue to define new goals.

How can I receive life coaching?

Modern technology has made receiving life coaching very easy. There are multiple method which coaches and client can utilize to achieve the goals desired. The method chosen depends upon the information to be worked on as well as the personal preferences and life circumstances of the client.

Face to Face Coaching

Face to face coaching is the most effective method of coaching. With both client and coach meeting together they can work more efficiently and accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Face to face sessions usually last 30 – 60 minutes.

Video Conferencing

Many client prefer video conferencing as a tool for coaching. The convenience of not having to travel to an office and the comfort of staying at home make this a popular method of coaching. Through the use of a secure video conferencing server coaching can be accomplished confidentially. No special equipment is needed. With today’s technology just about everyone has the tools needed in the palm of their hand. A phone, computer or tablet with speakers, microphone and a camera connected to the internet is all you need to get started. Video conferencing sessions usually last 30-60 minutes.

Coaching By Telephone

Telephone coaching is a convenient method to use when face to face and video conferencing options are not available. Telephone sessions usually last 30 minutes. Telephone coaching can be effective as a follow-up method to face to face or video conferencing when a check in helps keep the client on track. The time and money saved on travel is also a benefit to both coach and client.

How long must I commit to working with a coach?

The amount of time you spend with a life coach is completely up to you. We have several options and coaching packages to fit your specific needs. On average, most people find coaching more beneficial than they realized and stay on longer than they initially anticipated—typically 9 months to a year.

Can I hire a life coach for a short-term, special project?

Yes. Some clients hire a life coach to help them achieve a specific objective or project. Many clients choose to continue working with their life coach after their initial goals are accomplished because there are even more interesting things to do!

How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

Life coaching is NOT right for you if…

There are some situations where life coaching is not going to be the right thing for you. If you’re in need of therapy or serious counseling for a mental illness or issue in your life, you may want to consider resolving this or at least starting the resolution process with a counselor or therapist before seeking out a life coach.

A life coach is going to guide you and help you make your own decisions rather than tell you exactly what to do.

Finally, you have to be willing to actually carry out the change. Life coaching isn’t right for you if you are not able to commit to working on yourself, stretching your thinking and taking action in your life. A life coach expects you to be involved in your solution and you will not gain anything from the experience if you do not want to change.

How does life coaching differ from therapy? What Does a Life Coach Do? Who works with a Life Coach? Why would people who are already successful hire a life coach? What would you work on with a life coach? Why does life coaching work? How Does Life Coaching Work? How can I receive life coaching? How long must I commit to working with a coach? Can I hire a life coach for a short-term, special project? How Much Does a Life Coach Cost? Life coaching is NOT right for you if…