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How Mental Health Counseling Works

Mental health counseling is a formal, purposeful partnership between a client and a mental health professional. It's sometimes referred to as clinical mental health counseling; not because it's cold and dispassionate but because it is based in sound research and uses techniques proven to be effective.

Counseling is a process of varying lengths during which a mental health counselor and a client work together to explore problems and develop the skills and mind-set needed to transcend challenges and live a life of emotional health. The length of the counseling process varies depending on the individual and the mental health disorder or distress. It can continue anywhere from a few weekly sessions to months or, sometimes, years of occasional sessions.

People seek counseling for many different things. Counseling is for mental illness as well as for specific life stresses, such as a toxic workplace with a bullying boss. Counseling happens individually, in one-on-one sessions with a counselor. Additionally, people can engage in couples therapy, family therapy, or group therapy.

To prepare for your first appointment download our intake packet here. Fill out as much information as possible before you arrive.


At Psych Fit, you will reclaim yourself, look in the mirror and see the possibility, see the new you, your smile, your new found motivation, energy and confidence, that comes along with a healthy mind and a healthy body. We can work through it all together! Get back in the driver's seat,  regain your health.

What we do

Counseling services for individuals, Adults and Adolescents, Families and couples.

At Psych Fit we believe that good mental health goes hand in hand with good physical health. As we assist you with your mental health concerns we will guide you on how to achieve good physical health.


At Psych Fit we provide highly confidential counseling. We specialized in keeping your information private and between you and the counselor, you control the flow of information. Get the help you need while protecting your job, license and reputation.

You may want to

seek counseling for

any of the following issues:


Benefits of

Mental Health Counseling

When people engage in mental health counseling, they often gain:

Mental health counseling improves, and even saves, lives. Seeking counseling is a sign of courage and strength because it's an important step in taking charge of mental health and creating the life that you deserve, a life worth living.