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At Psych Fit we combine mental health with

 physical health to help you find your best self.

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Counseling, Therapy, Psychotherapy,  these are really all the same thing. At Psych Fit we offer counseling services via the traditional manor of sitting down face to face with your therapist. We also offer the option of counseling via secure on-line televideo system. These options allow you to receive therapy in a way you are most comfortable.

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Through Life Coaching, a person can realize their true potential by following a process of uncovering and then eliminating destructive behavioral and thinking patterns in their life - and doing this in a fully supportive, caring and inspirational environment.

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Have you had your Check-Up form the Neck Up lately?

You go to the doctor for regular physical check-up, so why don’t you get a regular mental health check-up?

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The relationship between the mind, body, and spirit is something we cannot ignore. While often overlooked, it is the bond between all three that allows us to realize the fullest potential of who we are. The connection among the divine three is and has – particularly in the West – always been seen as three separate things. At Psych Fit  these are seen as one. It is through the combination of all three that we can reach a wholeness in being.

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We offer groups and individual anger management services with our certified  anger management specialists. Through our anger management groups, evaluations and coaching sessions. We assess anger issues/needs, coping skills and teach empirically based skills:      

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